What goes in which bin

Blue recycling bin

The following items can be put in your blue recycling bin.


Empty aerosols including personal and beauty product aerosols, cleaning products and domestic insecticides (eg empty fly-spray aerosols). Lids cannot be recycled and need to be removed.

Aluminium foil

Clean aluminium foil and foil trays (eg trays for ready meals and take away food), excluding aluminium foil laminate pouches (eg for cat and dog food).

Cans and tins

Clean steel and aluminium food and drink cans and tins and pet food cans.


Cardboard egg boxes, cardboard tubes (eg kitchen and toilet roll tubes), food packaging card (including the type with plastic windows), cardboard packaging and carrier trays (eg trays for fruit and vegetables).


Waxed food and drink cartons including Tetra Pak cartons for milk, juices, smoothies and soups. Lids cannot be recycled and need to be removed.


Clean bottle and jar-shaped glass food and drink containers. Lids can be left on.


Newspapers, magazines, white and coloured paper, greetings cards, envelopes (including window type, excluding bubble wrap), clean paper bags, telephone directories, yellow pages, store directories, catalogues, junk mail, clean wrapping paper and shredded paper (not bagged but please put in loosely. Shredded paper is also brilliant in compost bins, for animal bedding and in wood burners.)

Plastic bottles

Plastic food and drink bottles, personal care products, household cleaning products, household cooking and food oil bottles, trigger spray bottles, pump spray bottles, roller-ball bottles, and empty medication/pill bottles. Lids need to be left on except for trigger and spray bottles as these cannot be recycled.

Plastic food tubs, food pots and food trays

Clean rigid plastic food containers including yogurt pots, margarine tubs, ice cream tubs, fruit punnets, plastic trays for fruits and vegetables and raw and cooked meat and fish, pots for custards, creams, fresh sauces and gravies, and ready meal plastic containers. Plastic lids can be left on. Cellophane lids and cling film cannot be recycled and are to be removed.

Please remember to rinse out all food and drinks containers before you put them in your blue bin.

For a full A-Z of recyclable materials in Norfolk visit the Recycle for Norfolk website.

Recycling which won’t fit in your bin

Place it in a clear bag or cardboard box and leave out beside your bin on collection day. Glass must not be presented as side waste, but must be put into the blue bin.